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Shui Baby Specializes In Feng Shui Design For Infants And Toddlers

Better Sleep, Play and Learning for Both You and Baby

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Love, Happiness, Prosperity

Shui Baby supports your child on a path of love, happiness and prosperity by designing an atmosphere that fosters a healthy, fulfilling and abundant life!

In the wee morning hours, as moonlight illuminates the room, you look down at your sleeping child’s sweet face, and you make a promise to yourself that you will do everything you can to ensure a happy, healthy future for your baby’s life.

Create an Ideal Environment

Bring balance and good fortune to the life path of your child with simple, yet profound ideas. Embrace them in an environment that encourages better sleep, happier play, and the best opportunity for growth and learning. Shui Baby focuses on creating the ideal environment for babies and their parents to encourage more restful sleep, as well as the positive development of the child’s natural talents and gifts.

Maximize Positive Energy

True understanding of our full potential as individuals, in harmony with our natural world, is born from creating positive surroundings that reflect the hopes, dreams and life potential of your little one. From the day they are born, children hold great inner wisdom and potential that can be influenced by the vibrations around them in both positive and negative ways. Shui Baby will clear away old and stagnant energy in your home and will rejuvenate the space with new intention and blessings.

Surround your child with energies that will guide them towards their inner knowing, truest path and greatest natural gifts. Knowing that the connection to you, the world around them, and a grounded foundation in love will stay with them every day of their happy and abundant lives!

Let us create a sanctuary of peace, balance and harmony for your baby that will foster a deep, positive connection to the world around them, so they may flourish with happy smiles and loving hearts.

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 I thoroughly enjoyed Aymey Sangill’s presentation on Feng Shui regarding the Power of the Mind to Enhance Career. Her delightful way in which she simply expressed the principles of Feng Shui inspired me to have another look at my office and home spaces. The result was that I could identify areas that needed improvement as well as ways that were already effective. I look forward to working with Aymey again for more inspiration.
Rosemary Levesque- Reiki Master and Holistic Health Coach
 When Aymey explained Feng Shui principles and how I can enhance my work-life through what I have in my office and where things are located, I rearranged my entire work space. The flow and energy in my workspace felt really impersonal before and now it feels like me- it enhances me!
Nikki Gerson- Insurance Agent
My job is fast paced, and often stressful. After your presentation, I felt much more relaxed and in tune with my surroundings. I found it easier to ignore distractions, and focus on the most important tasks of my job. I was extremely productive that afternoon, and left for the day with a very positive outlook for the future. Thanks Aymey!
Robert Brundidge- Financial Services Consultant
Anyone looking for someone to create a peaceful surrounding for you to improve on your life, Aymey has one of the most angelic voices and energy I have ever been around. She uses her given talent to keep you at ease no matter how hard the subject is for you to talk about so you can move forward. I spent over 2 hours on just our consultation because she was willing to feel out both of us on time and energy. She really has created a passion for the work she does in both Hypnosis and Feng Shui. Her presentation at the Bridges meeting just going a few pieces of Feng Shui really was well thought out and easy to follow. She definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities of changing my surroundings to better move my life forward. If you need someone to come in to your home, business, or life to move you forward in any and every area of your life; may I suggest you take the time to listen to Aymey’s voice feel her presence and I truly believe she can move you in the right direction.
Michael Shular
My work with Aymey was energetically-clearing and cognitively-transformative. She helped me moved out some old blockages and stagnant energy, all while helping me become aware of the thought patterns that were holding me back. I walked away with a renewed inspiration to live up to my full potential. Her work comes from a place of deep compassion and is grounded in knowledge and experience.
Kelly Hirstein- Massage Therapist
I‘ve seen Aymey Sangill three times now for hypnosis and help in general, as I was feeling stuck in my business. I felt a big difference within just one week of the first visit, and now, after the third visit, I feel a lot more confident when talking with my patients. I feel like I’m able to give them better care as a result, as I’m telling them what they need to hear from the heart but with confidence. I’m seeing a lot of growth in myself and in my practice. Thank you so much, Aymey!
Dr. Dan Marshall- Chiropractor
All I can say is, “Wow!!” Aymey, your manner is so comfortable and I accomplished so much after our sessions that I wish I’d tried this sooner. I’m grateful to have found someone as professional and encouraging as you are. With your skill at leading me through the NLP and Hypnosis processes, I’ve developed a self- confidence I hadn’t had since childhood AND I’m cured of an allergy to my favorite food. Thank you so much for your help!
Naomi Cutshall- CHt
I had the opportunity to work with Aymey on some subconscious beliefs. What I found most impressive was her genuine interest in figuring out how to uncover them. She asked extensive questions and listened intensely. She made me realize that the beliefs I was carrying were ones that I didn’t create, and helped me let go of them. I feel so much healthier and complete as a person directly because of her help. I can’t speak highly enough of her!
Erica Riseberg- Voice-over Actor
I was in complete breakdown around the relationships in my life. Not only does she have the perfect voice for hypnosis, she also has a knack for knowing when to give you some love and compassion vs. “kicking your ass” because you’re kidding yourself. ;-) After my session, I felt MUCH lighter and like I could face the world and myself again. It became very clear to me what I needed to do in order to regain the peace and happiness in my life I had grown accustomed to!
Rebecca Strack- Reiki Master and Holistic Health Coach
Aymey’s insight has been crucial in helping me take out the trash in my head and focus on finding the joy. Thank you for helping me on my journey.
Jeff Welsh- Insource Marketing
I miss your hands!!!! My migraine went away the day I saw you. Wish you lived closer so I could knock on your door when I have another one ;)
Tammy Sasse- Salon Owner
Aymey, thank you for pulling me back from the abyss yesterday. You are an amazing healer. Within 5 minutes of our interaction, I felt better and less stressed! You gave me strength to complete my day and today I can still feel your effects.
Karen Chok- Regus Center Manager
Aymey has an innate ability to describe in perfect words the personal challenges you find difficult to speak to because they’re so close to your heart. Her intuition allows her to get right to the core of your deepest issues by asking a few simple questions. You’ll be amazed at where your answers can take you. She inspires you to discover your personal strength, and helps you see that taking responsibility for your life – through balancing your thought processes, emotions, and environment – will empower you to overcome any obstacle.
The work isn’t easy, and often isn’t pretty, but you come through it to the other side feeling truly awake and aware of yourself for the first time, seeing the big picture and the connection between all aspects of your life, as disparate as they may have seemed pre-Aymey.
Kathleen Barnebey- KB Writes
Aymey Sangill is an absolutely AMAZING intuitive guide and hypnotherapist! I have had several sessions with her, and each time I’ve walked away with a deeper level of understanding of who I am and how I’ve been shaped by my experiences. She is SUPERB at ‘peeling back the onion,’ helping me to go deeper and grow. For the hypnotherapy sessions, she was a tremendous catalyst at helping me to forgive and ‘move on,’ which brought about amazing joy. I felt literally ‘high on life’ for days afterwards! If you’re willing to invest in yourself, Aymey is one to go to; you will NOT be disappointed!
JUDY SCHILLER- professional organizer, Simplicity Now